This page is Darby Checketts' personal invitation to learn about the power in WOW ... a distinct opportunity for Utah's rural counties. Please click below, next to the facsimile of our Rural Utah flier (PDF), to read and share the details. 
Darby & Sharon could be on their way to your city or town. Or, we hope to see you online.
What is my purpose?  Why this website?  I am a retired organizational effectiveness coach who loves the scenic wonders and the rural communities of the Great State of Utah. We are fortunate to live here. As Americans, we are currently striving to preserve our health, our prosperity, and our national unity. We welcome guidance and encouraging news. I have a practical and uplifting message to share that will shed light on opportunities for business improvement in our rural communities. My message is not about technology solutions or marketing wizardry. It is simply about "people" working together day-by-day to serve those who make the economic world go around—your customers. This everyday economic interdependence is at the heart of our business success and shared prosperity. The Customer Care principles I teach are about (a) putting your best foot forward, (b) teamwork, and (c) individual commitment to the spirit of service. As you WOW your customers, you will win their loyalty and a brighter outlook for tomorrow will be assured.   —Darby Checketts