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Customer Champion Professional Certification

Those members of your team who have frequent and sustained interactions with your customers deserve special recognition for their level of commitment and for their contributions.

Customer Champion: "An individual who works with a clear sense of purpose to satisfy the needs and exceed the expectations of his or her customers. As a true professional, this individual performs to recognized standards of excellence and puts the needs of his/her external and internal customers first in order to produce results that are mutually beneficial."

For Mercury Insurance Agents: If you have further questions, please contact your Mercury Marketing Representative.

Resource Center / Customer Champion Materials

The follow items are available to download as you wish. Most are PDFs. The Customer Champion certification application form is a Microsoft Word document to allow you to enter your personal information and responses as required.

  1. Customer Champion Program Overview
  2. Customer Champion Five-Page Application Form
  3. Customer Champion FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  4. Customer Astonishment Book Overview
  5. Other Books by Darby Checketts
  6. Customer Astonishment Video Tutorial Course Outline
  7. FYI: Cornerstone Client Testimonials