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Our Products / Customer Champion Certification

Darby Checketts has published fourteen books. The most recent and popular books are listed below. In small quantities, these books are available at and other book retailers. To purchase 5 or more books at our special client discount prices (below), please give us a call--see "Purchase/Payment" notes above-right.   


  • Customer Astonishment: 10 Secrets to World-Class Customer Care - $9.95
  • Leverage: How to Create Your Own Tipping Points in Business and in Life - $15.95
  • Positive Conflict: Transform Opposition into Innovation - $12.95
  • The New American Prosperity: Redefining Success as Smart & Happy - $9.95

Customer Champion:

To experience Darby Checketts' high-energy, self-paced (two-hour) "Customer Astonishment" tutorial and to support your use of our Customer Champion professional certification program, you will want to purchase our video CD-ROM. You can also pay your Customer Champion fees as follows. 

  • Customer Astonishment Video CD-ROM - $79.00
  • Customer Champion Certification Fee - $79.00 per candidate