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Beyond the "10 Secrets" jumpstart, inquire about an ongoing professional development project that includes four training modules as follows: 

  1. The Cornerstone Principles of Customer Astonishment
  2. The Cornerstone Principles - Ongoing Implementation
  3. Effective & Empathetic Customer Communication
  4. O² - Operational & Organizational Excellence

Below, you will find information on our CustomerChampion professional progress and recognition program. 

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Your "Pride Factors" = The Hallmarks of Your Professional Excellence.

We stand ready to support your team's exceptional business performance and customer astonishment commitments, which sustain your "Culture of Service Excellence." The Cornerstone  trademark emblem shown to the left is representative of the individual opportunities we have to be known as champions of what our customers (consumers, patients, students, citizens, members, co-workers, patrons, and others) need and expect from the fine organizations we represent. 

Pride Factors: In the context of our work with the many employees of our client organizations over the years, Pride Factors represent those behaviors that demonstrate a commitment to something important and worthwhile. This means to put your best foot forward in doing your work well and in serving others with that WOW effect. Taking pride in your work is a highly valued personal trait—in contrast with being a prideful person. 

Definition of a CustomerChampion: "An individual who works with a clear sense of purpose to satisfiy the needs and exceed the expectations of their customers. As a true professional, this individual performs to recognized standards of excellence and puts the needs of their external and internal customers first to produce results that are mutually beneficial." Click on the decal image for more detailed information.