We of Cornerstone Professional Development are available to assist you. There are several actions you can take on your own, but you will want Darby Checketts to join you in-person or online for several reasons. 

  1. Depth. He will expand on and deepen your understanding of key principles based on his years of teaching and successful engagements with over 300 client organizations.
  2. Relevance. He will share colorful true-life success stories, illustrate each key principle with relevant examples...and interject appropriate humor.
  3. Motivation. He will energize your group to examine new angles and new approaches.

There are four major steps to guide your implementation of "Customer Astonishment." Please Note: These are not rigid steps. There many optional paths to connect them as you progress to a new pinnacle of Customer Service Excellence. Here are four steps... 

  1. Background. Enjoy a get-acquainted chat with Darby and take him on an actual or virtual tour of your community and/or business enterprise.
  2. Foundation. Participate in the powerful introduction to the five Cornerstone Principles of CustomerAstonishment. Darby has a stimulating, 15-slide PowerPoint presentation that he alone will deliver either in-person or online. We will provide handout materials to assist you in following through on the new commitments you choose to make.  
  3. Workshop. Expand your understanding of the details of an overall Service Excellence strategy by using a special slide presentation on the "10 Secrets to World-Class Customer Care"that you can download free of charge at the "The Tool Kit" menu tab. Darby will share ideas on how you can conduct a brainstorming session with your team.  
  4. Ongoing Success. As you go to work, WOW will happen. Please take advantage of free email or telephone consultation with Darby. 

Preview the Implementation Guide (PDF) here.

We'll help you reach a new pinnacle of Service Excellence.

What about the cost of these services? Our primary motive is not to get business and create revenue. It is about our passion to see Utah's rural communities prosper. If we travel to meet with your team in-person, reimbursement for our modest travel expenses will be appreciated. If we meet online, there will no expenses to reimburse. Darby is a professional speaker and has made his living teaching and consulting. His expertise is valuable. Based on the value you derive, an "honorarium" may be appropriate as your local budget would allow. However, this is optional. The student handout materials will be provided to you electronically at no cost in a PDF format for your duplication and use.